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Pulse is a data-driven insights platform supporting you by answering your main marketing questions.

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Focus on your main business drivers with key performance indicators (KPI). Get to understand cause and effects on your business’ bottom line results. Use digital data to run highly accurate live predictions on your next periods results. We visualize the critical data points and deliver actionable insights, right when and where you need it.


  • Selection of main KPIs most explanatory for your business results
  • Automatic connection of data sources for live KPI tracking
  • Actionable insights through highly intuitive data visualization
  • Highly accurate business result predictions through self-learning algorithms

Business Questions

Our Pulse ecosystem helps you answer a number of questions. We selected a few to get you started. If your question is not on the list, fear not. Pulse got you covered either way.

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Pulse is not only a customizable insights dashboard platform. Other than common analytics platforms it’s unique combination of revolutionizing data science and marketing intelligence processes and agile dashboard technology deliver business value from the start.


Pulse is supporting data-driven marketing at leading global companies.